Welcome to Bella Cavallo Farm
Nestled in rural Cape Breton along the beautiful Mira River, Bella Cavallo Farm is a small family farm.  It's name comes from the Italian words for "Beautiful Horse" which perfectly describes the Norwegian Fjord Horse.  Bella Cavallo Farm specializes in this extraordinary breed.

The Norwegian Fjord Horse is one of the oldest and purest breeds with history indicating that these horses have been selectively bred for over 2000 years.  The Fjord Horse was imported into North America from Norway and Holland.  Horse lovers looking for an all purpose horse found that the research was constantly pointing to this beautiful breed.

The Fjord Horse is extremely versatile and is a perfect family horse, used for riding, driving, dressage, jumping, English, and Western, or simply as a wonderful companion. The Fjord has unique coloring and markings as well as a striking mane cut short to stand erect, emphasizing the graceful curve of the neck.  With all of it's uniqueness, nothing sets this breed apart from others as much as it's charming disposition and gentle eyes.

Bella Cavallo Farm houses 4 wonderful mares and stands at stud the majestic BDF Yukon. We LOVE to show them off and welcome vistors one and all!

Look through these pages and you will find yourself enthralled by this spectacular breed.